Linda Ott, ND, BCHHP

Linda Ott

Linda Ott, ND, BCHHP

A Naturopathic Approach to Optimal Health. Services include Nutrition Response Testing, Designed Clinical Nutrition, Jin Shin Jyutsu(®), Weight Management and Stem Cell Activation, without injection.
Most people take nutritional supplements - but few get a tailored program based on their body's individual needs. Utilizing a specialized form of muscle testing, I create that unique customized program.


   I believe God created us to be healthy and vibrant!  I believe our bodies have the innate intelligence and ability to restore itself to that state of healthy and vibrant if given the support that is needed.

   Some of the people I have worked with have responded very well with just an improved dietary intake (sans processed food).  Others have needed nutritional support to fill in the deficiencies created over the years of unhealthy food choices/activities.  Others yet have needed varying modalities - Jin Shin Jyutsu, Essential Oils, AcuTherapy, Reflexology, Bach Flower Essences, or Homeopathy to name just a few.

   Browse the articles while you are here.  See if there is a service that would improve your health, or possibly reduce your stress level.

   Not sure how A Naturopathic Approach to Optimal Health might work for you?  I will sit and chat with you to help you better understand.  Please feel free to call me at 419-377-1787  to schedule your introductory, complimentary visit!


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